Shipping & Returns

Returns / Exchanges

Due to the personal nature of our products we do not accept returns.  Re-gifting is highly encouraged.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase please contact us, and we will do everything we can to make it right.   We will only honor requests 14 days after receipt of the item.  Proof of purchase is required.  


We ship Monday - Saturday, and orders are usually filled within 48 hours. 

Shipping times vary by carrier. 


Pickup orders must be picked up within 14 days.  You will receive an email when your order is ready.  After 14 days your items will be considered abandoned and will be donated (unless you contact us otherwise)

Choosing Pickup by "accident" will result in $10 service charge in addition to your shipping cost.  When you do this I have to: 

  • contact you to correct the mistake
  • send you an invoice
  • contact you again to get to you pay the invoice
  • explain that as a small business I cannot afford to give you whatever discount you used PLUS free shipping
  • manually enter in all the shipping information into our shipping program
  • pay extra transaction fees.