5 oz
Natural Clay helps razor glide
cocoa and shea butter for deep moisture

After reading the ingredients on my husaband's shaving cream I was horrified. It doesn't even work that well on his think coarse hair, and always leaves him bleeding and irritated. So here we have our shaving soap. To use build up a lather with a wet shaving brush and apply to wet skin / hair. Shaving right after a warm shower helps too, or applying a hot (but not too hot) cloth. Thats why the barbers do it!
Don't forget your shaving brush, razor, and blades if you need them.
Scent Description
Clean Shaven Man - a classic barber shop scent, like our grandfathers smelled. Warm amber, rum with a bit of musk and Bay.
Amen Man - Every church has an AMEN man. He is gregarious, carries candy in his pockets for the children, and can be heard over everyone at the end of a hymn saying AMEN! He smells of aftershave or cologne, and I can't quite put my finger on it but its so comforting to give him a hug, get a piece of strawberry candy, and sit quietly through the sermon.... until he shouts an AMEN!
Outdoors Man - A complex and earthy scent with moss, vetiver, smoky woods, musk and balsam.
Irish Man - elegant, and refined sandalwood, clover, verbena. A kilted man at a country club would smell like this.

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My husband loves it!

I bought this shave soap for my husband. He is really into brush shaves. He immediately used it and had wonderful things to say after. Thanks!

Best Shave Ever!

I just had my first shave using the orange blossom scented shave soap, and the soap was great! Wonderful scent, and a smooth shave. I definitely will be getting more when this runs out.