Shaving can be an amazing experience with the right tools.  A warm cloth to soften the hairs.  An old school brush to take you back to a simpler time.  Natural fragrances inspired by the earth.  Soap handcrafted with attention to detail and ingredients to nourish the skin.  

To use build up a lather with a wet shaving brush and apply to wet skin / hair. Shaving right after a warm shower helps too, or applying a hot (but not too hot) cloth. Thats why the barbers do it!
Don't forget your shaving brush, razor, and blades if you need them.

Scent Description

  • Clean Shaven Man - a classic barber shop scent, like our grandfathers smelled. Warm amber, rum with a bit of musk and Bay. 
  • Old Fashioned Man - frankincense and teakwood
  • Outdoors Man - A complex and earthy scent with moss, vetiver, smoky woods, musk and balsam.
  • Irish Man - elegant, and refined sandalwood, clover, verbena. A kilted man at a country club would smell like this.
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My husband loves it!

I bought this shave soap for my husband. He is really into brush shaves. He immediately used it and had wonderful things to say after. Thanks!

Best Shave Ever!

I just had my first shave using the orange blossom scented shave soap, and the soap was great! Wonderful scent, and a smooth shave. I definitely will be getting more when this runs out.