Keeping skin moist is easier when you use good soap!  Our Hand & Body soap moisturizes as it cleans and won't leave you with that dry tight feeling people mistake for clean.

  • moisturizing
  • long lasting
  • natural oils

Scent Description

  • Clean Shaven Man - a classic barber shop scent, like our grandfathers smelled. Warm amber, rum with a bit of musk and Bay. 
  • Old Fashioned Man - frankincense and teakwood
  • Outdoors Man - A complex and earthy scent with moss, vetiver, smoky woods, musk and balsam.
  • Irish Man - elegant, and refined sandalwood, clover, verbena. A kilted man at a country club would smell like this.

 ingredients: palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, natural colorant

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Men's Hand And Body Soap

Do you like to be clean? Do you like your man to be clean? Then buy this! This is real soap, not the garbage you find at the local store. If you use Dove, Dial , Safeguard, etc. Why bathe? Start using real soap. I work outside for a living, when I come home I like to be clean and nothing compares to the clean I get from Breezy Quarters Hand & Body Soap! It's real soap. what more do you need?