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4 oz jar Herbal Balm is so versitile! Herbs infused for 6 weeks local beeswax and shea butter What do I do when I don't have a lip balm? I use this!
Want to push back my cuticles? balm!
My boys fall and scrape their knee / elbow / forhead? Rinse...pat dry, balm Spencer has redness on his booty? balm (don't double dip) This stuff is great it is literally chock full of goodies. I infused the olive oil in the window with peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and calendula. Mixed with beeswax, and added sage powder, marshmallow root, grape root powder.  Blended with shea butter to nourish and beeswax to protect the skin.  

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Great Product

My hands have been very dry and painful so far this winter. I have been using this every night and it has made a huge difference! Great product.

Happy Salve

I bought this for our 4 year son. Any rash, scrape or boo boo gets the "tin tin". We put a tiny bit and it clears up quickly. I also rub it all over my lips for lip balm and to try and ward off any lip lines. Very conditioning.