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Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions, here are some that we hear the most often. 

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Why should I use handmade soap and handmade cosmetics?

We use higher quality ingredients than commercial companies. Read the label on
your existing products. Look them up and compare. Let us know if you have any
questions. Our ingredients are also biodegradable. You can feel good using our
soap when you go camping; you can even bathe in a stream with no bad effects to
the fish or wildlife. Our products are good for you and the environment.

Are all of your items handcrafted?

Our products are formulated and handcrafted from scratch in our studio. We make
everything in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

Do you make goat’s milk soap?

We do make soap with goat’s milk, but we do not call it goat’s milk soap . Calling a
soap goat’s milk soap is misleading to the customer. It is not possible to make soap
with only goat’s milk, and the liquid is not a significant part of the recipe.

What do you have for my skin problem?

Breezy Quarters is a soap and cosmetics company, and cannot cure, treat, or prevent
any disease or condition. We do make things that can improve the appearance of
the skin. Any time there is a skin issue I recommend our castile soap. It is very
gentle and not likely to irritate the skin. If there is a certain ingredient you are
looking for, you can search for it on our website, and all of the products with that
ingredient will come up.

How is soap made?

Oils and butters are combined with sodium hydroxide (lye) and water or other
liquid to form the chemical compound that is soap. There is no other way to make

Do you make soap without lye?

No, it is not chemically possible.

Do you make vegan soap?

We are not vegans, but we have many vegetarian and vegan customers, so we have
many products that are vegetarian friendly and vegan friendly. All ingredients are
disclosed so you can always feel good about what you are using.

Do you use chemicals?

Water is a chemical. Dihydrogen monoxide sounds really scary, but it is water.
There are certain chemicals and processes that we avoid when searching out
ingredients for our products. We do not use any products or ingredients that use
animal testing, and we avoid parabens, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS),
and any harmful colorants. We follow FDA regulations and labeling requirements,
and all usage rates for essential oils and fragrances.

Are your products gluten free?

We are not a gluten free inspected facility, but we do avoid ingredients that would
irritate our customers that are sensitive to gluten.

Are your products hypoallergenic?

It depends on what makes you allergic. In general, our customers that are allergic to
fragrances can use our products because we use higher quality fragrances than
larger companies do. Unscented soaps and lotions are usually available for those
wishing to avoid fragrance altogether.

I really love something you made years ago, will you make me more?

You can always email us and ask for custom products. We will have an ordering
system for this at a later time. You will have to purchase the whole batch, and you
may have to wait to have it made. Special orders for gifts should be planned several
months in advance. It never hurts to ask. Will you teach me to make soap?

How long will handmade soap last?

Usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Are your fragrance free products really fragrance free?

YES! Commercial companies often have to add some sort of fragrance to their
products so that it doesn’t smell like chemicals. We do not have this problem! If our
product is labeled scent free, it really is fragrance free or scent free.

How is your soap colored?

We use FDA approved colorants, often micas, mineral pigments, oxides, herbs, and
plants. These are included in full in our ingredient declarations. Soaps and lip tints
are the only products where we add colorant. We do not color any products that are
left on the skin, except our lip tints.

Is this natural, pure, or organic?

It depends on your definition of natural. Pure what? If it were 100% anything it
wouldn’t be a product. We are not certified organic, that’s a very expensive label to

What do you use to fragrance your soap?

We use high quality fragrance oils and essential oils. Fragrance oils are made in a
lab, and are similar to a perfume. Essential oils are naturally derived usually
through steam distillation. We use suppliers with great reputations and products.

What is Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol ?

The most "chemical" thing you will see in our products! It’s a preservative. We have
chosen this one because it is formaldehyde free and covers a broad spectrum of
contaminants (fungus, mold, that sort of thing) and is the most versatile in terms of
temperature. We do not use this in everything! You will find this in lotion and
scrub. That’s it!

Will your lip balm make my lips itch or burn?

It’s not likely. You should read the ingredients to check and make sure you are not
allergic to anything. I did meet someone who was allergic to cocoa butter, so the lip
balm was not a good fit for her. Ingredients are: olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter,
Candelilla Wax, and flavor.