Why use Breezy Quarters soap?

Jul 6th 2017

Many people are new to bar soap when they walk into our store, or come across our website.  For such a commodity product its surprising how it has fallen out use with the popularity of liquid "body wash" "bath gel" and other similar products.  The problem with these liquids is that they are mostly water, synthetic detergents, and dyes.  They do harm to the skin and the environment.  

This is why I started making soap, to insure my family was using a quality product that would last, be healthy and have no ill effects on the environment.  

Breezy Quarters soaps are made with high quality vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, and an assortment of skin safe micas (like eyeshadow colorants).  They last a long time and are cured for at least 4 weeks before being sold.

We have formulas for moisturizing hand & body soaps, shampoo, shaving soaps, and facial soaps.  All formulated and tested in house.  

We offer a discount for buying 3 or more soaps, saving you 1.25 per bar.