Wholesale Bath Bombs

Mar 6th 2017

We are so excited to announce that our best selling bath bombs are ready for retailers!  

We have a great package set up for you to introduce our bath bombs to your customers.  

In your initial order you will receive: 

  • 160 bath bombs in eight different scents.  
  • Scent cards with the name of the scent, a picture of the bath bomb, and some information on who usually likes the scent.  This will help those that are looking for gifts AND it will help them put bath bombs back in the right place while browsing.  
  • 4 pack bags with a beautiful Bath Bomb Label - most of our retail sales are in sets of 4, we also give a price break at this quantity! 
  • Clear bags for people that just want to try one out.  We have many young shoppers who come in and get themselves one at a time.  Ingredient tags will be sent for these single purchases. 
  • Laminated "Bath Bomb" sign explaining what they are.  Many people DO know about bath bombs, but lots of people are still new to the product.  They won't have to stop smelling and ask you these things! 
  • UPC card with bath bomb pictures and UPC scan codes so you can easily and quickly ring up at the register! 

We know what a hard job it is having a retail store, and we value your work as a retailer.  We want to make selling our Bath bombs as easy as possible, and have a great partnership with you!  

If you are interested in access to our wholesale website please send us an email to  You can also call in your order at 864-362-0555 

Wholesale Bath Bombs