Our Grand Opening

Nov 21st 2016

November 19, 2016

What an amazing day we had!  I'll let the pictures do the talking! 

Breezy Quarters Ribbon Cutting

The Boys and I cut the ribbon at 10 AM with REAL - ENORMOUS scissors.  The board of the Abbeville County Chamber of Commerce was on hand.  Many people who have had a hand in shaping my business in the past year.  

Who Attended the ribbon cutting?  Everyone!  Family, friends and neighbors.  It made for a really overwhelming experience for me.  People got up early.  For.  Me.  crying again

100 goody bags 100 Goody bags with coupons and special offers.  Gone by 11:30 AM! 

The Store was PACKED.  We had muffins from our friend Abby Spate and her baking company Daily Bread.  and locally roasted coffee from Ada Velez (my mentor) who owns Aromas Coffee in Greenwood.  

Later we had veggies from Parisi Farms that were prepared by my good friend Joan.  I would NOT have gotten through the day with out all the good help.  I didn't have enough sense to plan for help either, but my friends knew! 

Wesley and Spencer even set up a play area for the kids.  They were so good.  No one misbehaved all morning! 

This picture doesn't want to be right, but you get the idea! My friend Amy McCravy made these macaroons.  They.  ARE.  AMAZING.  If she ever has a macaroon side gig I'll let you know! 

I couldn't have done any of this with out my support system.  This lady (Rena Rhodes) signed me up for a summers worth of craft shows my first year and then tagged along to most of them.  She has also washed dishes, watched children, listed to me talk about soap for long periods of time ( i think she napped for most of it while I talked to my self) and has wrapped a thousand or more bars of soap.  She isn't allowed to cut soap though.  

Most popular item of the day?  Bath Bombs.  I'll be needing to make more this week!