Descriptions of all our fragrances

We offer so many different scents that we thought we'd do a quick post breaking each one down to make it easier to choose what fragrance you want to smell like! Whether you're choosing a soap or a lotion, this will be an invaluable resource. We have options for men, women, children, and even pets!

Au Natural: unscented, for our most delicate skin.

Ambrosia: sweet orange and coconut.

Bandits: our special blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Bayberry: traditional Holiday musky bayberry.

Berries and Cream: sweet sun ripened raspberries and blackberries with smooth vanilla ice cream.

Candy Cane: delicious peppermint with a touch of sugary vanilla.

Carolina Jasmine: summery, sweet yellow jasmine.

Cedar: woody, nutty cedar with a hint of earth.

Christmas Tree: our beloved holiday scent; smells just like a real Christmas tree!

Cinnamon Bun: a gourmand scent, with notes of cinnamon, butter, caramel, and fresh dough.

Classic Man: one of our soft, powdery men's scents, with notes of Bay Rum, amber, and lavender.

Coffee and Cream: another gourmand scent of nutty dark coffee and frothy cream.

Cozy: crisp autumn blend of apple, eucalyptus, and juniper.

Bare's Necessities: this is our pet scent; soft and woody, with lavender and patchouli.

Dragon's Blood: oriental fragrance with notes of orange, rose, carnation, resin, amber, vanilla, and patchouli.

Driftwood: beloved by women and men; sea air, sun dried driftwood, and a hint of beachy flowers.

Eucalyptus: invigorating, fresh eucalyptus.

Formula 33: floral scent, with rose, sandalwood, and musk.

Front Porch Sippin': bright, fresh lemon verbena.

Garden Fresh: herbaceous, green fragrance, just like fresh tomato leaves.

Gardenia: a beautiful, creamy floral.

Handpicked Wildflowers: soft and comforting floral, with lavender, chamomile, and dandelion notes.

Herbal Essence: fresh grass and morning dew, very herbal and clean smelling.

Irishman: one of our men's scents. Fresh and clean, with sandalwood, clover, and ambergris.

Just Peachy: sun-ripened peaches.

Laundry on the Line: just like clean cotton on the line.

Lavender: lavender essential oil.

Lemon: lemon essential oil.

Lilac: a lilac bush in full bloom.

Loved: fruity, with grapefruit, clementine, strawberry. 

Mediterranean Fig: a sweet blend of fresh figs, apricots, rose, and cashmere.

Oh Hunny: soft, warm scent, with oatmeal, milk, and honey. 

Old-Fashioned Man: traditional men's scent.

Orange: orange essential oil.

Orange and Clove: warm scent with sweet orange and spicy clove. 

Outdoorsman: warm, spicy, and woody, with bergamot, oakmoss, and vetiver.

Pear: fruity and fresh true pear scent.

Peppermint: cool, crisp peppermint essential oil.

Rose Hill: a true representation of a fresh cut rose.

Rosemary Mint: an herbal blend of cool mint and earthy rosemary.

Shabby Chic: musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Snowed In: one of our winter scents; a blend of florals, mint, and vanilla.

Sparkling Cranberry: fresh and fruity blend of cranberry, lemon, pomegranate, and apple.

Spun Honey: sweet honey, powdery wildflowers, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Sunshine: a customer favorite; bright citrus with grapefruit, lemon, lime, fresh cucumber, jasmine and champagne.

Sweet Pepper: a summery blend of sweet heat.

Under the Sea: very fresh and aquatic, with notes of salty sea air, white musk, crisp vetiver, and sea kelp.

Vanilla Nutmeg: one of our holiday scents; cozy and warm with sweet vanilla and subtle spices.

Winter Apple: another holiday classic; juicy apple, spicy cinnamon and clove, piney christmas trees.

Feb 28th 2019

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