Jul 5th 2017

Sometimes I plan ahead, and sometimes I jump the gun.  This time I definitely jumped the gun and made about 1000 too many bath bombs.  It took 3 days to make them, and probably another … read more

Wholesale Bath Bombs

Mar 6th 2017

We are so excited to announce that our best selling bath bombs are ready for retailers!  We have a great package set up for you to introduce our bath bombs to your customers.  In your initia … read more

Our Grand Opening

Nov 21st 2016

November 19, 2016What an amazing day we had!  I'll let the pictures do the talking! The Boys and I cut the ribbon at 10 AM with REAL - ENORMOUS scissors.  The board of the Abbevill … read more
What is in your lotion?

What is in your lotion?

Posted by Paige on Oct 29th 2015

Do I need to moisturize? Winter is coming and its time to whip that dry skin into shape…. Or not let it get dry in the first place.After I had Wesley I experienced extremely dry skin … read more

Breezy Rewards Program

Posted by Paige Bowser on Oct 23rd 2015

Everyone loves a good rewards program!  To reward you for shopping on our website we added this really cool program through Sweet Tooth.  Simply click on the Rewards Program tab, sign u … read more