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We are so excited to announce that Breezy Quarters is moving into a new space! We will be moving into the former Just Off Main building on Church Street. Our time on Trinity Street has been great, but we are thrilled for this new chapter. It's amazing and a little surreal to be able to say that we own our own building now, and we feel truly blessed. This opportunity would not have been possible without all the support from this community, so to celebrate this milestone we're having a contest. You like soap, right? How about free soap? How about a YEAR'S worth of free soap? From now until we have completed the move, you have the chance to enter. Here's how: for every $30 you spend, you get an entry into the contest. Online orders and gift cards totally count. The winner will receive free soap for an entire year (two bars per month for 12 months, nontransferable.) Here's to the future!

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Descriptions of all our fragrances

We offer so many different scents that we thought we'd do a quick post breaking each one down to make it easier to choose what fragrance you want to smell like! Whether you're choosing a soap or a lotion, this will be an invaluable resource. We have options for men, women, children, and even pets!Au [...]

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We Won! We are a Business Champion!

What an exciting time this is for our family, business, and community!  If you are reading this, you probably helped us get here!  Over the years Breezy Quarters, starting as a hobby, has morphed into something bigger than my self, and my family, and now its even bigger than Abbeville!  A few months ago we [...]

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Wholesale Lip Balms!

Our lip balms and lip tints are the stars of the show here at Breezy Quarters.  We have been making lip balms for almost 10 years, and have perfected our formula.  Star ingredients are cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and candelilla wax.  The crunchiest people approve of our balms!  Selling pointsno melt!moisturize and protect [...]

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Why use Breezy Quarters soap?

Many people are new to bar soap when they walk into our store, or come across our website.  For such a commodity product its surprising how it has fallen out use with the popularity of liquid "body wash" "bath gel" and other similar products.  The problem with these liquids is that they are mostly water, [...]

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Sometimes I plan ahead, and sometimes I jump the gun.  This time I definitely jumped the gun and made about 1000 too many bath bombs.  It took 3 days to make them, and probably another 3 days for dear Anna (my assistant) to wrap them.  I'll spare you all the boring details and tell you that [...]

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Wholesale Bath Bombs

We are so excited to announce that our best selling bath bombs are ready for retailers!  We have a great package set up for you to introduce our bath bombs to your customers.  In your initial order you will receive: 160 bath bombs in eight different scents.  Scent cards with the name of the scent, a [...]

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Our Grand Opening

November 19, 2016What an amazing day we had!  I'll let the pictures do the talking! The Boys and I cut the ribbon at 10 AM with REAL - ENORMOUS scissors.  The board of the Abbeville County Chamber of Commerce was on hand.  Many people who have had a hand in shaping my business in the past year. [...]

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What is in your lotion?

Do I need to moisturize? Winter is coming and its time to whip that dry skin into shape…. Or not let it get dry in the first place.After I had Wesley I experienced extremely dry skin and I was so uncomfortable…. I tried everything in the store.As an ingredient reader I was not happy with those long long lists [...]

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Breezy Rewards Program

Everyone loves a good rewards program!  To reward you for shopping on our website we added this really cool program through Sweet Tooth.  Simply click on the Rewards Program tab, sign up for an account on our website, and you get 100 points!  You can either save those points or redeem them for a $5 discount.  [...]

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